Ways to Collect

Collecting Pocket Mirrors can be a fun and rewarding hobby, and it’s easy to get started. Most Pocket Mirrors are relatively cheap for collectibles coming in at less than $50 each, and often you can get a lot of 10 or more of the most common types for a small investment. In addition to the ability to build a collection quickly, Pocket Mirrors display very well and you can fit hundreds of Pocket Mirrors into a single room. If you were a car collector, you’d be talking about thousands of dollars and you’d need huge garages! Pocket Mirrors also make great collectibles because they so specifically remind us of a time where there was no TV and that 10 cents used to be worth something!

If you’re just getting started with Pocket Mirrors you will need to find a reputable dealer or auction house that you trust to provide authentic Pocket Mirrors in good condition.

Once you’ve started your collection you can focus on collecting specific types of Pocket Mirrors by Design or Subject Matter, and work on improving the quality, condition, or rarity of items in your collection.

Most people who really enjoy Pocket Mirrors collect based on items they find personally appealing whether that means they think the Pocket Mirror is beautiful, funny, novel, or just plain unusual there’s something out there for everyone. Pocket Mirrors were made for all sorts of companies, products, services, and private individuals so there’s almost infinite variety and almost always something you haven’t seen.

The most common ways to find Pocket Mirrors are from:

  • Antique Dealers
  • Auctions (live and online)
  • Collecting Shows
  • Flea Markets
  • Online Stores (like Etsy)

This site does not sell Pocket Mirrors, but if there is one that you are having trouble finding then please Contact Me, I attend many shows and auctions and I know a lot of dealers, often I can help you locate that rare piece.

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