Antique Advertising Pocket Mirror Values & Appraisals

If you’re looking for values and information for Antique Pocket Mirrors, then you’ve found the right place. This site is built to provide tons of images and useful information about Antique Pocket Mirrors, especially celluloid pocket mirrors. Although there are thousands of different Pocket Mirrors out there I have catalogued around 200 of them on the site so far, and I’m adding more all the time.

Collectors love Pocket Mirrors for their imagery, art, colors, and nostalgia. These objects were mainly used for advertising purposes before there were TVs or commercials constantly surrounding us. Stores or Companies would give away Pocket Mirrors as gifts or promotions, people carried around the mirrors in their purses or pockets, and then whenever they used the mirror they would be reminded of that store or product (as would the people around them who saw it).

Collecting Pocket Mirrors has become a busy hobby with many people avidly searching for that rare gem to add to their collection. While most Pocket Mirrors can be had for less than $50, some of the rarest and most beautiful can be well over $1000! That means that whether you’re just getting started or have been collecting for a long time, there are always items available at your price range, and hopefully this site can help guide you in your search.

In addition to the information on this site, there is a lot of information that I have that hasn’t made it on here yet. If you have a question that isn’t answered please give me a call at 404-606-2648 or Contact Me. I can appraise or value any Pocket Mirror you have and if you’re looking to sell, I can make you an offer. For any appraisal, all I need to see is a picture of your item so that I can get an idea of its condition.

While I have made an image gallery you can browse, if you have something specific in mind then feel free to use the search feature to get you where you’re going quickly.

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